Improvements to the Career Portal

We’ve made a lot of improvements to the Career Portal since we began rolling it out just a short time ago.

Recently, we’ve added custom filters to go along with the standard Location, Category and Type options. We also added a new layout option, Grouped. Any custom field that is either a dropdown or radio can be used as a custom filter, or group.

Additionally, we added the functionality to search by job title. To enable this, simply select Job Title Search as one of your filters.

See below for examples of the Default layout, left, and our new Grouped layout, right. If you look closely you’ll also spot the new Job Title Search!

You can find these options in the Jobs Layout card on your Career Portal settings page.

In our Integrations card, we added an area to enable analytics, supporting Google, Clicky, Indeed and Glassdoor tracking IDs. You can also find the RSS feed for your portal in this card, and a slightly altered version is labeled as the Jobs Feed (this version simply separates the title, city and state into their own attributes, and is the same format that we provide to Indeed. Most job boards should be able to accept either format).


Can the date posted/created filter also be added? It would be easier also if people could see which jobs are the latest based on the date filter.

Hi Jen,

In the last iteration of the portal one of the changes most requested to our support team was to remove date posted from the listings and details pages altogether, which is why it wasn’t included in the default view on the updated version. The reasoning typically given was that people didn’t want their jobs to appear old.

You are, however, able to choose how the jobs are sorted on your portal, and that includes date posted or created. You can change this in the Portal > Sort setting area within CATS.

All that said, we are planning on brining back the ability to customize the columns of the listings in the near future, and dates will be available to be shown again for those that would like to.

Thank you for the feedback!