How do you manage relationships with new and existing clients?

  • Only with CATS
  • With a combination of CATS and third party software
  • Only with third party software
  • Manually, e.g. spreadsheets

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Cats is not user friendly for client management.


Thing is -using CATS for clients is tricky it’s already hard enough trying to write emails that stand out – I’m worried that sending out a bulk email would just get deleted.

Plus I’m not sure how much access a client would have with my database … how far into the systems can they see?

Hi everyone!

I’m curious to hear what you think is not user friendly, Debbie! We’re always looking for ways to improve, so please let me know what could be better and we’ll make sure to address it.

Helena, your clients don’t have any access to your CATS database. You can email clients one at a time and they shouldn’t be seen as a bulk email. If you are emailing more than 10 at a time, we are required by law to include the ‘Opt out’ message at the bottom of the email. Let me know if that makes sense, or if you have any questions on how CATS works!

Thanks Jeff -this makes sense .