Hiding Candidates?

Is there a way to automatically “hide” candidates who are not currently located in the US? We are not usually interested in international candidates (the visa process is very prohibitive for us), and despite putting wording to that effect in our ads, continue to get probably close to half of our applicants from overseas.

It would be great if I didn’t have to filter through all the candidates first on location, but if CATS would do that automatically for me.

I don’t necessarily want them to not apply at all, because for the perfect candidate, we may still be willing to slog through the red tape of the US visa world.

Hi Sara,

There is a trigger you could add to your application that might be useful. Here is a link to our Help Center article on building job applications: https://help.catsone.com/article/139-building-job-applications

If you scroll to the bottom of the article you’ll see the trigger I’m referring to: Do Not Add to Pipeline. This would allow a candidate to apply, but they wouldn’t be added to the job.

Adding that trigger to an application question such as “Will you require a visa to work in the US?” could be helpful for you. Here is a webinar I did on customizing job applications as well: https://youtu.be/7RPsnW8diLI?t=575