Have registration applications be specific to individual portals

(system) #1

I have an environment with 4 different portals, posting jobs related to different division in our business. Some of the portals are for technical positions and some are for general administrative positions.

I would like the registration application to capture applicant information at a level of detail related to a specific portal. For example, technical people could register with details of their certifications, advanced training etc., while admin staff could specify their computer skills or office experience.

Currently, there can be only 1 registration application that applies across all portals. Consequently, the registration application has to be the smallest subset of questions that apply to all portals.

This means that either the technical people have to fill in all their details for every job, or the admin people have to go through an application that is full of irrelevant questions.

To address this situation, it would be great if a registration application could be selected to apply to an individual portal.