Getting the most out of the CATS Meeting Scheduler

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According to a recent study from industry experts, nearly 60 percent of recruiters spend more than a full working day scheduling interviews for a single vacancy. A common solution to this problem is by using a meeting scheduler app, which enables you to share your availability and the scheduling process. Many of our customers use such products, including, Boomerang Calendar and Calendly to name a few. In June 2018, CATS released our very own meeting scheduler.

This article is not about how-to use the feature, but how to get the most out of it. Assuming you’ve read up on how it works and have it enabled already, here are some ways you can use it in your everyday workflow:

1) Include a link in your email signature

Adding a simple URL or a link such as “Book time with me” within your email signature makes it easy for candidates or contacts to get on your calendar. To do this In CATS, go to the Settings > My Profile area and scroll down to Email Signature. Click the pencil icon when hovering the field to edit.

From here, pick a spot within your email signature to insert text. Use something like “Book time with me” or “Schedule a meeting with me” to clearly explain what clicking that link will do. Once you decide on the text to use, highlight that text and click the link icon on the editor’s toolbar.


After clicking the meeting link, paste your own meeting address (also found in the My Profile section of CATS) into the URL field.

Now, any emails you send out of CATS will include a link to your meeting scheduler URL.

2) Include a link in the body of your email

While it’s a great idea to include the meeting link in your signature, some mail clients suppress signatures automatically. That’s why it’s always a good idea to include links within the body of your email as well. Using the mass emailing features in CATS, you can send a targeted email blast to a group of candidates that meet the initial requirements for a job.

We recommend linking specific words within a sentence, such as:

Hi Josh,

My name is Tony from ABC Sourcing. I came across your resume and think you’d be a great fit for a full stack developer job I’m helping my client fill.

I’d love to speak to you more about your background and if this is a fit for you at this time. If this is something that interests you, please book time on my calendar and we can speak about this in more detail.



3) Use it when texting

Texting/SMS can be a great way to reach candidates. We’ve seen a lot of creative uses of messaging since launching our built-in texting features. Many recruiters are using it as a means to reach out first or as a follow up when a call goes to voicemail. Consider including your personal meeting link to add another way for candidates to book time with you.

This is Tony from ABC Sourcing. I think you may be fit for a position I’m looking to fill. Feel free to call me or schedule some time for a call on my calendar at if that’s more convenient for you. I look forward to talking!

Using our SMS templates makes this quick and easy to insert as a reply or initial message.

4) Set custom meeting durations

By default, we include 30/60/90 minutes blocks of time. But what happens if you want people to book a specific amount of time with you? Or an even longer amount of time than 90 minutes?

We thought of that, too, and added an easy way for you to adjust this on the fly. Add ?d=X at the end of your meeting link (where X is the number of minutes you want to specify for a meeting) to set a custom, fixed meeting duration. For example, if your meeting link is:

Adding ?d=45 gives only one meeting duration option of 45 minutes. The URL now becomes:

I’m sure our users have already come up with other creative ways to use this great feature, and I’d like to invite you all to share and discuss below.

Finally, if you haven’t used the Meeting Scheduler, you can enable it here. Happy scheduling!

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