Further G-Suite/Gmail Integration

(Todd Baer) #1

I mentioned something like this on the old board, but can’t find it so I’ll add again. A Gmail sidebar integration that pulled CATS information when viewing a contact’s email. The ability to edit contact information, pipeline status, etc without leaving Gmail would be awesome! Here’s a mockup of what it could look like:

(Jeff Pauline) #2

Hi Todd,

I do remember this request from the previous suggestions forum! I actually have something like this in our development backlog because I agree it would be very helpful. It’s possible we could just improve the new browser extension to function in Gmail.

We’re currently hard at work on our Nala release, so the plan is that we tackle this in our next version later this year. Keep the suggestions coming!

(Todd Baer) #3

That’s great to hear, Jeff! Looking forward to Nala and appreciate all the work you guys are doing!