Filter results coming back empty

Trying to filter search results by date. This worked properly as of just a few days ago, but as of yesterday we started having issues where it would sometimes return zero results. This includes in a multi-page search, where random pages would come back with nothing (e.g page one and three would be fine, but page two would contain zero results). As of today, every filtered search (by date or otherwise) returns zero results.

Has something changed with the API that we’re not aware of, or is there an issue on the back end?

There was a bug in some code that was rolled out in increments over the last couple days, which is why you experienced the increasing number of failed requests. This should be resolved now, let me know if you’re still not seeing any improvement

Anthony - thanks for the response.

I just tested it again and I’m still receiving no results back from filter searches. I receive a 200 response code every time, but the “count” and “total” come back as zero. Tested on queries that are known to definitely have results.

Sorry about that, it may have still been deploying. I am testing now and am seeing all expected results on my end, so I think you should now too.

Looking good on my end so far as well. I’ll let you know if I run into any more issues.

Thanks for the assist!