Feature Introduction: Meeting Scheduler

CATS users on a Pro, Premium or Legacy plan will now be able to share their calendars with candidates to easily set up a call or meeting.

The feature will allow you to share your availability with candidates and contacts to help them set up a call or meeting—effectively bypassing any scheduling conflicts. This is done by providing you with the ability to set “office hours” and custom meeting lengths. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about getting overbooked, as you can schedule a buffer period between meetings.

If you would like to set up your custom office hours, go to “My Profile” under “Settings” and look for “Meeting Scheduler”. To learn more about this dynamic feature, visit our Knowledge Base.

Scheduler is the latest new feature that we’re introducing this year as part of the CATS 5.0 Nala update. Find out what else we have planned for Nala and how it can enhance your recruiting efforts.


Excellent. I’ve been looking for something like this!

Could you add a feature to it so that when someone books into your diary you get an email notification please? As it stands it just goes into your CATS calendar with no way of knowing someone has booked in. I appreciate you could just look at the calendar, but i tend to miss things. Also the option of emailing me a reminder from that confirmation email 15 mins before would be good.

This is a fantastic feature I just found out about it in today’s webinar. Only problem is that I don’t see this feature available in My Profile. Can it be that it is not available to me with the level of my subscription ?

The Meeting Scheduler is available for all Pro, Premium and Legacy user accounts. By the looks of it on your account, you might have found it and set it up already!

To bad the candidate get to pick 15min to 1h of my time without me getting to control how much time I want to offer like in Calendly.

Can you make so that I get to chose how much time to give?

Hi Youri,

You can append ?d={time} to the end of your meeting scheduler URL where {time} is the duration in minutes you would like the meeting to be booked for. I would recommend taking a look at this Community post written by my colleague Tony for more information about that as well.

Thanks Youri!


Amazing! That’s a game changer. I’ll try your advice and Tony’s. tks!