Feature Introduction: Improved Browser Extension

(Chris Knutson) #1

(Approx. read time 2 minutes)

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce our new and improved browser extension!

We’ve made a few major updates to the extension that CATS users should know about:

1. New UI. CATS has updated the UI to be more readable, include more information and give you a better idea of what candidate/contact information is going to be brought into your system. The toolbar icon has also been updated. It will now change states (grey to colored) indicating that you are on a parsable profile. Clicking on the icon in a deactivated (grey) state will allow you to manually enter candidate/contact information as well.

2. Speed. The new browser extension is over ten times faster than our previous iteration, which allows you to identify, collect and parse candidate and contact information quicker than ever before.

3. Front end duplicate detection. While the old CATS browser extension would identify duplicates at the time of attempting to parse them in, the new extension notifies you immediately on grabbing the candidate/contact info whether or not the record already exists in your CATS. This should save you time and energy when browsing through various profiles on supported sites.


4. Work history parsing. The new extension now includes a candidate/contact’s extensive work history, if available on the site. This information will be displayed in the extension window, and is parsed into the record’s profile.

5. Highlight parsing. Last, but not least, CATS has added in the ability to highlight resumes in your browser and parse them in, without having to be on a supported site! Just highlight the resume text that you want to include, right click on your highlight and select “Parse”. CATS will then locate the fields in the resume that match fields within CATS, and parse that information into a profile.


You can also right click on a resume file attachment in your browser to parse the resume into CATS and attach it to the newly created profile.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new CATS extension, so feel free to leave a comment down below.