Expectation of Webhook POST content/format

When utilizing the Webhooks functionality, attached to a status change event on a Company, I’m expecting some manner of associated company record information to be posted to the outside application URL I’ve specified.

However, it seems I only receive an empty array. Am I missing something in the configuration via CATS that I need to address, or am I expecting a format different from what CATS posts on this transaction?

Hi there,

There should be no configuration needed, the webhook should be POSTing a json object to your webserver, and that body should never be empty. I’m unable to replicate any of the webhooks not working on my test sites, so I went ahead and put one of my own webhooks onto the site you’re working on. That way, when the next webhook comes through, I’ll get it too, and then I can confirm whether what you’re seeing is on our end or yours.

Thank you. I’ve issued another status change, so your system should have received a post.

I saw the company status change come through, and I’m definitely receiving data as you can see here:

You should definitely be receiving that data on your end as well, and if not it’s most likely an issue with the code or library you are using to parse the incoming POST data.

Beautiful, thank you for the confirmation.