Email Alert configuration

We are in the process of API Integration to publish jobs and receive applications thru our public faced website. We need to receive email alerts when there is a new job order created, and applications received on a job order.

How can we achieve this functionality? Can we configure within Catsone app? Should we use an API for this? Do we even have an API with this functionality?

Any immediate help on this is greatly appreciated.



Hi there,

Email triggers are available from within CATS. You can set it up to trigger an email when a job is created. Similarly, we have built-in email templates for applications.

If for whatever reason you wanted to use an external tool, you could use webhooks for job.created and pipeline.created respectively to build an integration that does what you want on those actions.

Thank you much Anthony for the immediate response. Can you please point us to any documentation on how to setup these triggers? We are successful in finding this setup within Catsone. All we see is an option to send an email which is different from the trigger.

Thanks Polar

We’re getting out of the realm of API question at this point. It sounds like the support guys have responded to your support ticket and should be able to take care of you from here. If you have any other API questions, let me know.