Drag and drop to add resume

(Carina Clingman) #1

I would like to be able to drag and drop new resume files onto a candidate profile or into the resume tab in the candidate quick view.

(Josh Ashenberg) #2

Same here - what is strange is that the functionality to do this is already in the system within resume import - so it is just a matter of aligning it with a particular candidate.

Would also be nice to be able to do it from the job view - add candidate by drag and drop. . .

(Chris Knutson) #3

Hi folks!

We do have this functionality in the system. As long as you are on a record that allows for attachments to be added, you can just click and drag a file to that record’s page to upload it.

(Human Resources) #4

Will try this for sure.

(Carina Clingman) #5

Does the resume tab in the candidate quick view (from the magnifying glass) allow it? I don’t think you can even upload a new resume from that view in any way.

When I am on the candidate full profile I do have the ability to drag and drop some files, but PDFs usually just open in the tab rather than uploading.