Decline job by hiring manager

Can a hiring manager decline a job the same way as they approve a job? i.e. when a hiring manager receives an email to review a job, they are requested to provide feedback, approve or decline a job. However, in the Job page screen, in the Job Approval panel, the hiring manager can only approve the job. Where does the hiring manager have the same functionality for declining a job?

Hi Travis,

When we designed this, we envisioned hiring managers simply approving the job description/job details, not the posting itself. For that reason, there is a section for hiring managers to leave feedback (edits) on the job details, and once those changes have been made they would approve the job.

I guess, in other words, we never saw hiring managers as being the ones who choose to post a job or not. That is typically decided by a full user of CATS well ahead of time, and the review function is basically the final stamp of approval on the job description and job details.

If this is not how you’re using the system, I’d like to hear more about how you’re using the hiring manager access level.