Customizing dashboard widgets

You may already know that you are able to customize your dashboards and the arrangement of widgets, but did you know you can also customize some of the widgets themselves?

You are able to edit the title of any widget by hovering over it and selecting the pencil icon that appears in the top right corner. The following widgets are customizable even further than just the title of the widget:

  • Pipeline Summary

  • Job Order Status Summary

  • Contact Status Summary

  • Company Status Summary

  • Active Job Orders

  • Submittals, Interviews and Placements

  • Upcoming Events

For each of the record status summary widgets, you can specify which statuses to count, or even which mappings. You can also add the same widget more than once if you wanted to view the count of more than four statuses, as I’ve done below. 11%20PM

The Active Job Orders widget lets you choose to only see jobs with a certain owner or recruiter.


The Submittals, Interviews and Placements widget lets you specify a time period to view. 44%20PM

The Upcoming Events widget lets you adjust which events are listed - your events only, public events only, or both. 16%20PM

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