Cursor at top when editing Notes

The majority of users that use the Notes field seem to follow this process:

  1. Enter notes to the Notes field (e.g. when contacting a new candidate).
  2. Later add additional notes to the Notes field (e.g. interview debrief notes).

Newer notes are added to the TOP of the Notes field so the most recent info is at the top. But when a user clicks the Edit button to add to an existing note, the cursor starts at the BOTTOM of the field. Each time the user adds to an existing note, the user must scroll back to the top of the Notes field and move the cursor to the top to add a new note.

It would be great if when a user goes to the Notes field and clicks the Edit button to add to an existing note, the cursor would start at the TOP of the Notes field.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for posting! We won’t be able to change this behavior as the Notes field is designed to contain general information about that candidate or record, not necessarily chronological, timestamped notes. For that purpose, our recommendation is to log an activity on the candidate’s record as that is timestamped and can be entered regarding a specific Job Order or regarding General. Additionally, you can log activities with a status change or without. Of course, then those activities are displayed chronologically in the candidate’s feed with a timestamp. You can see below how I’ve left a couple of notes on my activities with a candidate below and how they’ll appear in the candidate’s feed.

Thanks Sean, let me know if you have any additional questions about this!


Okay, understood, thanks for the consideration. I used to take notes the way you suggested. But that field is too narrow for my preference, so I recently switched to taking notes in the Notes field because I can view the Notes field in the same large view as the Resume Preview field, so I can see a lot more Notes data in one view before scrolling. It is what it is. Thanks anyway!