Creating your own job feed

(Chris Knutson) #1

(Approx. read time: 2 minutes)

Hi CATS Community users, I wanted to talk about a useful tip you can use to set up a connection to almost any job board, including ones that CATS doesn’t directly integrate with currently. This trick is a great way to give more visibility to your jobs and give more candidates a chance to apply.

Before we start, it’s important to understand how CATS actually sends jobs to these job boards. CATS does so by using an Extensible Markup Language (XML) feed, which automatically compiles all of the job data that various boards require in order to post jobs. This includes such information as job title, company location and job description, and are automatically included when the feed is built. Typically, CATS sends jobs in bulk along with all other jobs newly created in CATS through a single master feed for each job board.

CATS also creates individual XML feeds for each career portal in CATS, which is loaded with mostly the same information. What differentiates it from the general XML is that these are specific to only the jobs in your account. To set up a more specific XML, you must first publish the jobs in your account that you’d like to be included in the feed to your General portal, or another custom portal that you’ve made. Once that’s been confirmed, check the specified portal to verify that all the jobs have been posted there.

Next, you’ll need the actual feed to send these jobs to a job board. The feed for your General portal, is constructed as follows:

Replacing ‘subdomain’ with your company’s designated subdomain. (If you don’t know where to find your company’s designated subdomain, click here.) However, if you’d like to designate a specific portal to pull jobs from, your feed would be constructed like this:

Replacing ‘12345’ with your specific portal ID number, found in your portal listings section in CATS.

Then, you should be able to open up your new XML feed URL in your browser and see all of the data included for any jobs posted there. (Note: Your browser will note that there is no style information attached to the file, but job boards don’t require style information to post your jobs.)

Finally, the last thing that you’ll need to do is contact the job board that you’d like to post your jobs to, and they should be able to automatically pull your postings from your new feed.

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