Create a real, fully functional CALLS feature / activity with candidate log

(system) #1

Create a CALLS function, that would:

1.) allow for the easy creation of DAILY CALL LIST (for the next day, or chosen day). The system does this today.

2.) show completion by manually marking the CALL as complete (not by the passing of the calendar/time as it is now), i.e. the CALL stays open till marked complete. (What if I am sick one day?)

3.) be recorded as an activity for a given candidate

A complete recruiting package would have a fully functional CALLS feature: call list, open till marked complete, records as a activity tied to a specific candidate.

This is very similar to a TASK today, but TASKS are NOT tied to a candidate when completed.

Current functionality removes calls from the list simply by the passing of calendar date/time. My call list for the next day are gone (assumed completed) if I miss a day, as the system logic works today!?!?