Column Add to Grid View in Activities - Possible Quick Fix?!

THE CHALLENGE We need data on candidate communications/activities that take place BEFORE we consider them for a specific JO Workflow. All candidates go through several steps BEFORE we consider them for our clients (current job or future job). This can often be the majority of a Search Consultants day, without a way to track and report on those efforts unless tied to an active JO. Ideally, we would use the “General” workflow, but the activities are way too general and we can’t even rename them for a work around (this would ACTUALLY be the preferred solution if it’s an option).

I’m told the only work around, is to set up a “dummy” JO, using the standard activities (Call, Vmail, etc.) and assign status’ for each activity we need to report / track on (intro, deep dive into resume/experience, Not a fit for us, etc.). After all this is done, the “REAL” info I need is the “status” of an activity within my dummy JO. The information is there, but shows up in the Notes Column as “Status change: Company Intro” instead of Status being it’s own column.

THE ASK To be able to go to the Activities section and have “Status” for each activity be it’s own category. Currently the information is there but is noted as “Status Update: XXXX”

The data is in the system and the columns exist, but currently need to run several reports and consolidate, sort, add formulas and THEN manipulate the information. It’s all there and capable of reporting on, but not in one place.

HELP?! I’ve been brought on to streamline our use of a candidate tracking system and then train all, and there’s no way they are going to be able to do what’s needed without advanced excel skills and too much wasted time… =) Any help is appreciated!