Click to call

I would love if I could click the phone number of any of my candidates or contacts to dial a call on my VOIP - gotomeeting or skype calls or other VOIP vendors.

We use RingCentral and with the plugin for Google Chrome, it gives us Click-To-Call and Click-To-Text functionality.


I didn’t realize this until I saw this post, but I use 8x8 and they offer a chrome extension that offers click to dial as well. Tracy, I hope that your provider offers this too. Thanks for the post and thank you Tom for the response.

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Dialpad also offer click to call from within CATS or anywhere on the browser. Great product.

Wow, lots of great suggestions from everyone! I’ve definitely heard of others using RingCentral like Tom, but 8x8 and Dialpad are new to me, thanks for the info!

Tracy, I’m not sure if any of those would work for you, but it sounds like many of our customers are having success with various solutions.

If you’re using Skype, it looks like they have a browser extension that can launch the Skype web app and allow click to call: