Change Candidate Status When Job Order Is Not Active [Completed!]

(Payne Broome) #1

Sometimes I’ll change the status of a job to a closed status, and then I have to activate the job again if there are any additional changes that need to be made on the candidate side, such as an application that slipped through after I closed the job. I would like to be able to change the candidate status independent of whether the job is active or not.

(Chris Knutson) #2

Hi Payne!

The reason that we have this in place is so that candidates aren’t being accidentally managed for job orders which are no longer active. This is static, and probably won’t be something that we will be changing.

Candidates also can’t apply for jobs that are marked as closed, unless the job is still being displayed on a job board somewhere for whatever intermediate amount of time until they scrape our feed again and pull it. Unfortunately we can’t do much to change that, as it relies on when and how often job boards look for updated information in the feeds we send them.

(Payne Broome) #3

As the site administrator, I can do a lot of things that are potentially far more damaging than a candidate being accidentally managed for a job order that is no longer active. I look at this as being protected from something that basically has no consequences, and is easy to correct. The second thing you addressed isn’t a concern, it’s just the example that I used.

(Robert Wilcox) #4

I have this same concern.

(Troy Boos) #5

I believe we should have control over the candidates status after a job posting is closed.

(Katy Kelsay) #6

Agreed! There are many reasons why we need to change candidates statuses after the job is closed.

(Chris Knutson) #7

Hi all!

We really appreciate the feedback here. I’m glad to know that people are interested in actively engaging in our new community!

Our team spoke about this at length, and we do agree that this is something that can be changed. Not being able to update statuses in closed job orders has been an “accident prevention” method that we’ve had in place from the early days of CATS. At this point, as Payne (@paynebroome) noted, we do have a fair number of ways to make much larger (and detrimental) changes to your system than just to change a few candidate statuses in a closed job order.

I’ll be adding this in as a backlog improvement for our system. I don’t have an ETA on this at the moment, as we have multiple other large projects that we’re working on, but I will post an update in this thread and our Announcements, News category when we have that added in.

Thanks again for the feedback, everyone!

(Chris Knutson) #8

Just following up here to note that this has been implemented in CATS. You can now change candidate statuses in any Closed or Filled job orders, which will both log in candidate profiles and activate any triggers associated with the status the candidate was set to. Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks again for the feedback!

(Tonya Fry) #9

Hi Chris, This feature update is really helpful for the “Filled” jobs; however, I have found I am only able to change candidate statuses for “Filled” jobs and not “Closed” jobs. For “Closed” jobs, I am prompted to reactivate the job to make changes.

(Chris Knutson) #10


Sounds like you might be having more of a technical issue with this in that case? Feel free to reach out to our support team via if you’d like some help in getting that resolved!