Chaining together approvals (Jobs or Candidates)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to point out another cool thing you can do in CATS with the submittal workflow triggers. If you’re completely new to customizing your workflow, you can read more about how to do that here.

I’ve helped more than a handful of companies set up a multi-level approval process, for both jobs and candidates.

Doing so is pretty simple, since the submittal trigger allows you to choose the next status of a candidate or job after approval. See the following screenshot to see what I’m talking about:

Now just make multiple statuses such as First Approval, Second Approval etc., and add a submittal trigger to each one.

Once the first reviewer approves the candidate or job, the resulting status change will activate the next submittal trigger automatically.

Have any of you built something like this? I’d love to hear feedback on this process or any suggestions to improve it.