CATS Customer Success Story: Summit Search Solutions

(Sam Halgren) #1

Asheville is a quaint little town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was there that I met with Carrie Coward to have a conversation about her boutique recruiting firm, Summit Search Solutions. Coward has been with CATS for nine years, and finds that it’s the right solution to the challenges she faces with recruiting in higher education. She explained that her biggest challenge lies in meeting the varying needs of a wide swath of clientele, as every college has a different culture, different traditions and different needs.

Coward didn’t have the time to deal with a cumbersome ATS, so she chose CATS for its ease of use. Of course, the more she dove into the system, the more she realized that CATS had exceeded her expectations. CATS is highly customizable and over the past nine years, Coward has tailored it to fit her specific needs. The best part was that she didn’t need a manual to figure out how to do so. What’s more, thanks to how intuitive CATS can be for users, Coward can get new recruiters working on the system in a matter of days, greatly accelerating her recruiting process.

I was enamored with Coward’s passion for recruiting the right people for the right positions. If you have a similar passion, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to talk with you about your successes with CATS!

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