CATS Customer Success Story: Momentum Scientific

(Sam Halgren) #1

I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and talk to Todd Freund, founder and owner of Momentum Scientific. The organization recruits scientists for positions in various scientific fields. With so many new graduates looking for exciting opportunities in the scientific fields, Freund has no shortage of candidates. However, not all of these fresh applicants are sufficiently qualified. Thus, the challenge he and his team faces is to match the right candidate to the right job.

Freund has been a CATS user for nine years. In that time, he has continually customized and refined the software to fit his particular process. By streamlining his process, he has more time to focus on the important aspects of his job, connecting with candidates and clients. He explained that using CATS is like having a project manager, it keeps everything organized, on track, and agile.

It was a pleasure talking to Freund. He was more than happy to invite me into his office to talk about how CATS has and continues to help him succeed. If you feel like you have a CATS success story to tell, please feel free to contact me!

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