CATS Customer Success Story: CANADEM

(Sam Halgren) #1

CANADEM does amazing work. That’s why I was especially excited to hear about how their recruitment and job placement processes. Ben James and Kristen Carson spend their days placing humanitarian workers in remote, troubled parts of the world. It’s tough work, because there is a heavy amount of logistics that goes into recruiting internationally. This includes such tasks as completing background checks, confirming that candidates have various certifications and conducting an extensive interview process. It’s a lot to keep track of, which makes organization and efficiency central to them achieving their goals.

James expressed that CATS is about time saving and that saved time is integral to CANADEM’s success. By using CATS as a database for potential candidates, James is able to search and source within the program. He appreciates how easy the search functionality is, as he can enter in a few key words and find a group of potential qualified and enthusiastic candidates. Once he’s finished that, he sends those candidates over to Carson, whose job it is to make sure the deployment goes smoothly. Carson is thankful that every correspondence, every associated PDF, and all necessary information can be found in the centralized candidate profile. With everything so organized and readily available, CATS truly saves CANADEM time, allowing them to focus on improving the world, one humanitarian mission at a time.

Traveling to Ottawa to talk to these amazing recruiters was a pleasure. If you feel like you have a CATS success story to tell, please feel free to contact me!

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