Cats API job posting url and job apply url

(Guru Bandari) #1

Hi Team,

Could you let me know if we can get the Posting and Apply url information for a job through the CATS API?

If yes, could you let me know how to get this information?

Thanks and Regards Guru

(Anthony Allan) #2

Hi there,

When fetching portals (, if you look inside the _links object for portal_url, you’ll find the direct link to your main portal page.

Similarly, when fetching jobs on a portal ({portal_id}/jobs), if you look inside the _links object for job_url you’ll get a link to the job page on that portal.

If you’re looking for a url to the actual application form for that job, unfortunately we don’t currently pass that back, but that’s something I can look into possibly adding. However, in the meantime, that url is easy to generate from the job url above; just change a=details in the returned url and change that to a=apply.