Can't view resume while taking notes

One must chose between viewing the resume vs. taking notes, both fields cannot be viewed simultaneously.

It would be great to have the resume viewable on the right side of the screen, while taking notes in another field on the left side of the screen.

Hi Sean,

You do have the ability to move the “Notes” card to the left-hand column if needed to make it visible with the resume open. Just click and drag the top of the card to a new position to place it.

Hey Chris,

I’m referring to “Feed” and “Log an Activity / Change Status”, which I have in the left column. When you click “Log an Activity / Change Status” it opens a Notes field.

When I new candidate calls me back, I pull up the Candidate profile and the resume is viewable in the right column. But when I click “Log an Activity / Change Status”, the Notes field appears and the resume disappears. It does not allow the resume field to be viewed while simultaneously taking notes. Please see the screenshot. If you have a workaround, please let me know. Thanks!!

I experienced the same issue when doing chat/note w candidate. I added a step as a workaround. As I’m viewing the cv, I pull up the Mac Notes app and document my notes there, then copy/paste after chat OR open the candidates profile in 2 tabs side by each, and keep cv open in 1, and write notes in the 2nd. Not ideal, but I’ve gotten used to it (I like grided tabs!)

Thanks for the feedback, Dan! I started taking notes in email and then copy/past to CATS… I use the gmail Canned Response feature to populate my standard questions to save some time/typing.

Also, w some trial and error, I’ve found if you go full screen you can view the resume and edit (take notes) in the Notes card if you move it to the left hand side, like Chris mentioned though he didn’t address whether you could actually use it to take notes. Seems to work, but oddly only in full screen, at least for me.

We created a multi-line custom text field that houses notes (and is editable while displaying the resume panel) during the calls, they can then be added to the status update or just live in our custom field on the candidate profile.