Candidate Search Screen

Cats Team

I have used numerous ATS systems and yours (CATS) is the only one not to have a specific search screen for identifying candidates.

Please advise if this is something in the works. Dice,CB, Monster, Bullhorn, Linkedin, Ziprecruiter, Big Biller, PC Recruiter, Jobdiva…

All these platforms offer a seamless way to search their candidate database along with external search.


MARK Vallario

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your feedback! To clarify, are you looking for a way to perform a candidate search that searches both your database and externally at the same time?

I would be happy with my own cats dB

To be more specific, as mentioned over the past 10 years we have used and tested many ATS platforms. Because of ease of use CATS always is a top choice. The one lacking area is focus on candidate searching along with better grading of candidate matches.

What plans are there to improve the search function more inline with what Monster, Career Builder, Dice and many other ATS platforms have. The search bar although functional is clunky and cumbersome.

As far as searching external databases and or open web, social networks… that would be great.

Could you describe to me a little more as to what search functionality you are looking for?

There are two different places to search in CATS, the main search bar (located on the top right corner of every page) and the grid search (located on the top left corner of each record grid - candidates, job orders, companies and contacts). You can search a grid using keywords, stacking filters, and using Boolean terms to narrow down your search results.

Here is our article on searching grids in CATS:

And the training video, as well:

Our Customer Success Manager, @Mike, would be happy to go over this with you if you like, just let us know!

The Grid layout is cumbersome and clunky

Most every other ATS and candidate UI search functionality

Hi Mark,

I’m not sure we’re really on the same page here in terms of what about the grid is “cumbersome and clunky”? CATS also does have “UI search functionality”. We’d love if you could explain a bit more in terms of what you’re looking for though.