Candidate Profile Management

It used to be possible for candidates to log in and update their profile but this is no longer the case.

They can only register and apply for a job. If they want to apply to multiple jobs, they have to register again or have us add a job manually to their profile. This creates duplicate records which we have to manually merge and it is a lot of work when many do this.

We’d like to request the ability for candidates to manage own profile again and apply to multiple jobs that way and where they can see their status when they apply.

I fully agree with this. We find that ability of candidates to review the information that they have entered in their profile to be invaluable. We have a database of some 50,000 people and are regularly contacted by candidates who are now unable to log in. It creates a lot of work on user end and lots of repetition on the side of candidates to enter new info for every single job.

I totally agree. We have an extensive application that is used to gather information about candidates, generate standardized summaries and quickly find required skills. In addition, the lack of ability to create and reuse a profile makes applying for our jobs far more time consuming for candidates, who frequently apply for multiple positions throughout the year, given the nature of our business.

This is a feature that was critical in our selection of CATS as our tool, so to see it gone is very disappointing and frustrating.

There has to be a way to update a candidates profile. I just spent 3 hours updating a candidates profile for a CEO position I’m working on. He is traveling and sent me a word document that I had to take and plus into his profile. That is insane since CATS is supposed to be a time saver. This is the only time I’ve ever had a complaint about the application but it is absolutely critical for my business that it’s added back in immediately.

There are certain features in CATS that are used so little that over new release cycles, we have to make decisions about deprecating them. It is necessary to do so in order to keep the application user-friendly and intuitive. Sometimes features get chopped, its the nature of the game!

Candidate self-service profile management was used by less than 1% or some such statistic based on my conversation with the product team. Obviously to some of our customers, that is an important feature and we need to solve it.

I have discussed with the career portal designer to bring this feature back. Jeff should post an update here soon!

Hi, is there any update to implementing this feature?