Calling All CATS Users!

(Sam Halgren) #1

Hello, CATS users! We’re in the process of making testimonial videos with CATS users that do important, interesting work, and utilize CATS in a unique way. If you think that applies to you and you would like to take part in a CATS Spotlight, feel free to direct message me with your name, company, and email. Or you can simply email me at

The CATS Spotlight process is an unobtrusive one. I, along with one other CATS employee, will travel to your offices for a brief conversation. We will talk about the work you do, why you do it, your work process and how CATS supports you. Because CATS is so customizable, your experience is unique compared to all other CATS users. Once we complete the interview, our team film some b-roll of the day-to-day work that you do. B-roll is supplemental footage that is interspersed throughout the main footage of the interview. All in all, the process generally takes less than four hours.

Two weeks later, I will send you the video. You can look it over and tell me if there are any changes that you would like made. Then, you can decide to make the video public. Your company will be featured on our website’s Customers Page, and as an added bonus, I’ll send you all the footage we took from the entire shoot, for whatever marketing purposes you may have.

We have fun filming these, and I think you will too. Take a look at some of the videos we’ve done in the past:

Momentum Scientific - CATS Customer since 2010

Summit Search Solutions - CATS Customer since 2010

CANADEM - CATS Customer since 2009

Please do not hesitate to reach out. If you think you’re a CATS expert, or if you do unique and compelling work, let me know! There’s a place for you in a CATS Customer Spotlight.