Business Card Scanning & Parsing

I still attend a number of trade shows and come home with hundreds of cards from prospective candidates and clients. It would be ideal if I could just scan the cards and import them right into CATS for follow up. Entering them manually is time consuming and inefficient. I’m a one man shop and I generally have to do that after hours or hire someone to complete the task. I know there is a ton of money sitting in those cards!!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the suggestion! I can definitely see something like this being useful. I’ll discuss it with our team and circle back with you on this!

Thanks Catie, I know it would be a real time saver for me at least. I hope they can think of some way to build it in to the system. I noticed you spent some time working in the Afton area. One of my best friends grew up in Afton and her family owned the marina down there. I actually grew up in South Minneapolis.