Be able to @ a recruiter in a req or candidate record and they get notified via email

I’d love to be able to tag a recruiter in a role or a candidate record for them to action something or review.

Hi Chad,

You can actually accomplish something similar to this by creating a task in the job or candidate profile. If you create a task for a recruiter, it will notify them via email that they have a task to complete, and you can add a description of what the task is:

You can also create a task from the Activities tab and make it regarding a specific job or candidate, and it will link the task to that profile.

Thanks, Erik!

I’ve tried it out on a candidate record:

For the three that I set I tried on myself and also Angela Bortolussi and we didn’t receive any emails (we also checked junkmail).

Hi Chad,

We were just about to suggest sending a ticket into support and see that you already did, as this does send an email out when assigning a task to someone else (not to yourself, you will get the task notice in the task summary email sent out every morning if you assigned the task to yourself). We need to investigate this particular instance further.

Thank you!

Yes, I assigned to Angela and she didn’t receive anything in her email.



My issue with assigning tasks (which is absolutely what I do now) Is that it does not immortalize that conversation. If I ask a specific question and it is answered (in my email chat program usually) we then need to go back to the candidate profile to immortalize the answer. I think for teamwork purposes a conversation area on a profile or job would be hugely helpful.

Hi Carina,

With the introduction of SMS, we do see the usefulness of a centralized “notification” section of CATS. This is something we plan on doing and would tie directly into @mentions in notes, tasks, etc.

You mentioned a “conversation area” in jobs or candidates, I’m curious if Quick Notes would work for that? That already exists on job orders, and it’s possible we could add it to candidate records as well. They’re date and time stamped and could be what you’re looking for?

See screenshot:

quick notes would be just fine