Automated Follow up Emails to job updates

After a shortlist for a job order is created, I usually send an update email to the people on the shortlist to tell them that there is a new job coming up.

Previously, I used a mailing system that allowed a (automated) second and third email to be sent to the candidate if no reply has been received to the first email message within a certain timeframe, one week for example. All three emails are written at the beginning of the mailshot process.

The process would be as follows

  1. Email gets sent to the person to update about new role coming up

1A. The person replies to say they are not interested >Person is marked as not interested and updated on CATS and closed. 1B. The person replies to say they are interested > Person is sent more information and a reminder is set to follow up. 1C. No reply from the person

Which leaves (1C) as the final follow up.

My suggestion is that CATS would have an algorithm written to say that if that person’s record has not been updated within a week,(meaning no reply) the second email would be sent to them to follow up, Similarly, a third email would be sent using the same criteria

The emails would look like this First email

Hello (Name) I have a new role coming up that I wanted to check if you were interested in…(Job)

Kind regards Gerard

Second email

Hello again (name)

Last week, I sent you an email about (Job). I just wanted to check if you received it or if you might be interested in it. You may have been busy last week, and if you were, I just wanted to follow up to see if you might be interested in a chat.

Kind regards Gerard

Third and final email Hi (Name) I’m just closing off a role that I emailed you about and I’m guessing you are not interested as I have not heard back from you. It seems you have been busy since I messaged you two weeks ago. If you do feel like you might be interested, please let me know and I’ll come back to you, but for now, I’ll be updating my notes to say you are not interested in this role, and I’ll continue to try and find something suitable for you.

Kind regards