Assign and Give Hiring Managers Read Only access to jobs

We would like the ability to assign a Hiring Manager as a Hiring Manager for a job and for them to be able to see the job information/status/candidates. Currently, we have to create a custom field to indicate who the hiring manager is and they can’t see the job in the Hiring Manager Dashboard.

Hi Edwin,

If you want you can set up a trigger to submit each candidate to the hiring manager automatically. I’d recommend calling into our support line for assistance with this.

Right now that is the only way to accomplish this, and it is a bit of a workaround.

Hiring Manager access is something that is offered for free with each user license. Giving them the ability to view full jobs and pipelines is somewhat outside the scope of what is intended for that user access level.

We do plan on developing a feature that would let low-level users login to a portal and view candidates in pipelines, but this is further down the road in a future release. We’ll keep your request in mind and make sure you are updated when this is closer to live.

HI Jeff, it is my understanding that at the moment the only information hiring managers are able to review in the candidate record is the current status and their resume. It would be useful for the hiring manager to be able to review phone screen notes providing them with information on the candidates availability, desired salary etc. Is there any way to do this now?

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Hi Jodi,

Looking at your workflow, I noticed you aren’t submitting candidates via triggers but rather with the scorecard review process. This started a discussion internally about how/why these steps are different.

While we’re debating however, I would recommend you check out workflow triggers as an alternative solution. The review process would be very similar to your current one, but would allow you to send over any data saved in a field like Notes, Desired Salary, and all your custom fields. Let me know if you have any questions about setting them up! Here is a recorded webinar I recently did that covers the workflow:

And a Tips & Tricks post I recently wrote about Workflow tags: The most underrated Workflow tags

And as always, if you’d rather chat on the phone, feel free to give our support line a call with any questions!

Hi Jeff,

This is a big help. I will play around with the workflow and triggers. I can see that through these we could improve the information that the hiring manager gets. However it’s a little disjointed as they will get some information in the email and some information in CATS. It would be ideal for us if in the Hiring Manager view there could be more information available to the hiring manager.

The Hiring Manager currently has two tabs available to them – the candidate’s CV and the job details. Ideally, there would be a third tab containing interview notes, salary and availability information.

Thanks again.

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Hi Jodi,

That is a good suggestion for an improvement. I’ve made a note and will run it past our team here. I assume you (Site Administrators) would probably want control over which fields a Hiring Manager can see, correct?

Hi Jeff, Yes, preferably. I imagine different organisations have different requirements - even within our own organisation the amount of information the Hiring Manager wants to see varies. Cheers, Jodi

Hi Jeff,

For Hiring managers there is a big disconnect between the approval of candidates and happens to them in the process.

The hiring managers have to manually maintain (in XLS) the list of candidates and their statuses, mirroring the information already stored in CATS. It is very frustrating and the biggest cause of complain about CATS from within the team.

If there is a reason to use the API is to get the Hiring managers more visibility in the process.

Just listing the approved candidates and their current status would suffice, no more details/notes for the candidate.

Thank you, Ioan