Archive for Candidates - for Cleaner List

I would be great if there was a way to move Candidates into an Archived list.

Some candidates aren’t a fit for any current openings, but may be in the future. This would be a great help to clean up / de-clutter the candidate list without having to use filters.

I agree. We’ve had CATSone for a long time, when we were still recruiting for our overseas partners as well as our domestic locations, and the overseas candidates are no longer valid for us. It’d be great if I had a way to hide them - I don’t want to delete the data, however!

Hi all,

We’ve had something like this brought up before, in the form of a “snooze” feature for candidates.

I’m curious, do you often know how long you want to archive candidates for? If so, then a snooze would work well. Otherwise, I fear that archiving candidates would just lead to a big list of archived candidates that no one would ever check or find. Since archived candidates (most likely) wouldn’t show up in search results.

Jeff, For my purposes, I would want them “snoozed” until they re-applied for a position. I have no current plans to actively seek overseas talent, and until they re-applied, someone who applied in 2011 in Pakistan is not of interest to me right now. If they re-applied, I would like to see the previous recruiters notes on that candidate before proceeding further. Does that make sense? Sara