Allow clients to view all submits through portal

A link so clients can view all candidates in one place online.

This would be HUGE for me as I deal with a high quantity of candidates and it can be cumbersome for my clients to keep all of the candidates straight and where they are at in the process. I would like to be able to give them a live “custom portal” link in which they can see all of the candidates in a specific job pipeline.

These would be some cool features:

  • Ability to customize portal based on programmed workflow status for candidates. I would want to be able to select which Candidate Status types I want to share with a specific client (check marks). Then under each status I would want to select which fields I would want to send to a client and in which order. For example: I would want to show them the following status and fields:
    • SUBMITTED: Title, Candidate ID, Candidate Profile (my custom), Resume (link that opens in new window or name of Resume document with and “see attachment”) - These are candidates that require Client approval. It would be amazing if, in this view, they could Approve/Decline & comment for each candidate in bulk then have a submit option. Note, I wouldn’t want to share candidate name at this point.
    • APPROVED: Everything from Submitted, but with “Approved” status & “Notes” section which are client comments as saved in the “Submitted” process. It would be nice if Recruiter and Clients both have ongoing access to edit this section as needed.
    • INTERVIEWING: Interview Date, Time, Candidate Name, Title, Candidate ID, Candidate Profile, Resume (link/attachment), Notes
    • OFFERED: Interview Date, Candidate Name, Title, Candidate ID, Candidate Profile, Resume (link/attachment), Notes
    • ACCEPTED: Start Date (specific date or TBD), Candidate Name, Title, Candidate ID, Candidate Profile, Resume (link/attachment), Notes
    • PLACED: Start Date, Candidate Name, Title, Candidate ID, Candidate Profile, Notes
  • Button with ability to “nudge” client with the link and optional note via text or email when there are updates for their review
  • Customize the Portal for client contact by Job Order; but it would be nice to be able to group multiple job orders together if one client contact is the hiring manager for multiple openings.
  • Security permissions which only allows specific email addresses to open link (so it can’t be shared)
  • Ability to give access permissions to portal for multiple client contacts as needed (ie. hiring manager, supervisor, HR, Billing, etc.)

We have something like this in our backlog, and it’s actually very close to what you’ve described Derek.

I think allowing for clients to view candidates in multiple statuses and changing the fields viewable in each status is a little outside the scope of what we designed, but we did envision giving users the option on which fields to display, and what status (or statuses) a candidate would be considered “on the portal”.

The nudge option is a good suggestion. Question for you, when talking about link sharing and security, would it just be easiest to have clients make a username and password? We’re on the fence on that right now ourselves.

I love this idea.

My opinion on username and password - I know I have clients who would struggle with that and ideally want to make it as easy as possible for them. It’d be nice to be able to have a link to OR create username/password for regular customers (similar to the hiring manager function in the corporate version)

This would be very helpful, because I have more and more clients requesting full transparency. This has always been one of our strong points, but there are some CRM/ATS systems out there that allow clients to see the progress of a “project” or “job”. We find that so many HR departments are limited to sad ATS systems and they are very, very busy. The ability to grant access to see the progress of a job with very little “sign up” steps would be awesome - they can actually step into our world and allow us to handle all the heavy work.

This feature would be incredible. Something I have always wanted. Hopefully something to look forward to in the future.