Adjustments to new CATS Sourcing Extension- Please keep these


There are a few key features that I believe are very important for speedy sourcing that have been removed from the old Chrome extension.

  1. The email field is now gone, which really adds one more step in the sourcing process… Can we please keep this in the new version? Having email finders such as “contact out” or others, in conjunction with the cats extension makes it so much faster when I can just copy and past the email right into the field and click submit, rather than having to go back into cats and pasting email into the candidates profile. Please, please bring this back!!

  2. The same goes for the job order pipeline, with the old version, you could select a pipeline and it would stay put until I chose another job to source on. Now I have to reselect the job over and over with each candidate. Can you please bring this feature back!!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Can you please add the email and phone number fields for both contacts and candidates to the extension? Having the notes field there would be helpful too.

Thank you in advance,


Extension is mapping to profile title, not the person’s actual title in Linked In Can’t add email via EDIT Can’t add phone via EDIT

Would be nice to be able to add to LISTs via extension. Would be nice to TAG via extension. Would be nice if when adding CANDIDATE, that company person works for maps to CURRENT EMPLOYER - if company person works for maps to COMPANY on CONTACT profile, don’t understand why it’s not mapping on CANDIDATE side.


Why not just pop up the ADD CANDIDATE or ADD CONTACT fields when the extension is clicked - then we can do all the editing in the extension instead of clicking on VIEW in CATS and editing it there.


Correction on the pipeline, as I’m using this I see that you can choose a pipeline that will stay put. But only if you don’t include a new j/o pipeline in addition to it. I’ve added two so far and it won’t allow me to remove the two I’ve put in and it will always default to the last pipeline you selected. Hopefully there will be a way to just set the pipeline you’re working on for that sourcing project and remove it or replace it with a new one, (similar to the old way).

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Also it would be great to be able add email and/or phone info without clicking an edit button, if possible. Thanks!


Thanks CATS, you guys rock!

I just logged in and they updated the fields so we can now add email and a phone number. Thanks for fixing this so quickly! You guys a are awesome.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

:white_check_mark: We added email, phone, and notes. :white_check_mark:

Those can be edited by clicking the :pen: ‘Edit’ button in the lower right corner.

Todd and Bob: I think it would be helpful for email and phone to be in-line editable (instead of having to click the edit button first), we’ll discuss this!

Adding to lists and tagging would be nice additions, thanks for the suggestion Bob. These weren’t possible in the old extension but I agree it would be very useful. We’ll look into adding those as an improvement.

To your other suggestion: We’ll definitely discuss giving users the option to add a candidate’s current employer as a company. This would have to be an optional setting though, as it’s definitely possible people don’t want to add a bunch of company records to their database.

We did make changes to how ‘Add to Pipeline’ works. There is an ‘X’ next to the job title now that you can click to remove them from the list. See the following screenshot:


This is all very valuable feedback! I’ll make sure to keep you updated as we roll out improvements to the extension.


Thanks Jeff, inline editing would be cool, but I’m digging the newer and improved extension. Thanks!

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Thank you!! My team really appreciates the changes.

Loving the improved extension but I noticed that the extension no longer automatically fills in the source field in a candidate’s profile. In the past when I would use it to add a candidate to CATS the source field would populate to say LinkedIN (or wherever the candidate was imported from). Would you consider adding this feature back please? Thanks!

Hi Megan,

This was a bug for about a day, sorry about that! It has been fixed now. Glad to hear you’re liking the new extension!

To your other suggestion: We’ll definitely discuss giving users the option to add a candidate’s current employer as a company. This would have to be an optional setting though, as it’s definitely possible people don’t want to add a bunch of company records to their database.

Jeff - I wasn’t thinking that it would be necessary to do that - what if you just synced the Current Employer field to the Company records on the CANDIDATE profile…just like the COMPANY field in the CONTACT profile is linked to COMPANY and it auto-populates?

Most recruiters are probably working with a finite # of companies - if the recruiting company(your customer) has companies they recruit for or wish to recruit for and/or are recruiting candidates, then they should have an already established set of COMPANY records.

It would just be a case of “linking” the COMPANY records to the CURRENT EMPLOYER field and giving it auto-fill capability, just like the COMPANY record is in CONTACT profile.

A couple bugs I’m noticing: When adding info (phone/email, etc) to a “Contact” in the extension, once you press the “save” button, it reverts back to being a “Candidate”. You then have to click on the contact tab again before pressing “Add to CATS”. Not a big deal, but an extra click. The other issue is that when adding a contact, the extension seems to add a “NEW” company even if the company already exists in CATS. I’ve noticed this even when the existing and NEW company names are exactly the same. You can override this by clicking “Company” and searching for the existing company, but that gets annoying pretty quickly.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful. Thanks!

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Hi Todd,

We are aware of an issue with duplicate detection for companies, which is something we’re working on to remedy. Thank you for bringing the record shifting to our attention though. I’ll make a note of that to the team and see if it’s something we can adjust!