Adding your unique terminology to your account

(Mike Gallagher) #1

As every company and industry is unique, often the terminology and processes between them differ. Of course, customizing your workflow is a big aspect of making your CATS account your own, but you can also customize the system text that is used throughout CATS. For example, in this account I’ve changed my “Job Orders” to “Job Reqs”.

To adjust the language used in your account, navigate to the Gear icon in the top right corner → Administration, where you will find Custom Text at the very bottom within the Interface Customization grouping. You are able to search for specific words or groupings of words from “Search this grid” and then click on the term in the “Translation” column to change it (make sure to click the green check mark to save your changes).

Currently, there are about 160 different strings that can be translated, but if you come across something that is not translatable let us know and we can look into adding it to the list.