Add the option to CC someone when emailing

(Megan Carty) #1

I would love to be able to send emails from within CATS where I could CC individuals!

I appreciate the BCC option for mass emails, but if I’m communicating with clients or coordinating interviews, I need to be able to CC people, be it a candidate & client, or two contacts at a client, or a client and another recruiter who is also working with them. I like to email through CATS so all my correspondence is logged and so I can see if the recipient has opened the email or not.

I suggest - keeping the BCC as the default but add a regular To & CC field to the email area that we can select if need be. So every time you go to send a new email it will automatically be set to BCC, but if we manually uncheck the BCC box we can opt to send CCs instead.

(Alan Carty) #2

This seems like a no-brainer. I’m shocked that we can’t already do this.