Ability to Parse Any Text Into Title Case Automatically

It would be great if CATS had the ability to parse PAYNE BROOME or payne broome to Payne Broome for all resumes, addresses, etc imported into CATS.

We use Title Case for everything, and if everything that we imported into CATS could parse in this format it would be an efficiency improvement.

Hi Payne,

We actually just had another suggestion like this. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do something like this automatically, it’s too error-prone (we’re used internationally in multiple languages).

But what we will discuss is adding a button to let the user correct the case. I’ll check with the team on this and we’ll circle back!

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That would be awesome. Right now I use toggle case text transformer and I have to copy the text, run the executable, and then paste the text back into CATS. Having a button would be an excellent and efficient way to shorten that process to one click.