Ability to change column width

For example: in the Tasks list, the column widths for “assigned by” and “assigned to” are quite wide. I realize adding more columns would decrease the width, however, I would rather use that space for the description instead of adding more columns. Would be great to be able to adjust column widths!

Hello, has this been solved? I would love to be able to change column widths. My “Company” column takes up 1/3 of the page!

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Yup. Would be very helpful.

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Hi all,

Thank you for the suggestion! This would require a re-write of our data grids, and (as you know) these are EVERYWHERE in the system. While I agree, and have this in our backlog, it is a fairly significant project

We have a number of UI improvements in mind for this year, so I’ll discuss this with our team and see if we can also try to tackle this alongside them.

Brian, you mentioned the Company column and Jessica mentioned the Assigned By and Assigned To columns. We’ll take a look at those specifically and see if we can address their width, does anyone else have other examples?

Maybe social media? I like to have that field visible so I can click on it but stay on the job order screen, but the entire link doesn’t have to be visible to be active.