409 Conflict response code

Hey, For our client we import all jobs from all available portals. Initially there was one portal with for all the jobs in different countries. Recently some jobs were connected to another portals or multiple portals. Since then after data post to catsone api, it gave us 409 (conflict) response code. What can be the problem, is it possible that a portal disallow insert candidate via api? All jobs has been move to one portal again and all is fine, but our client prefers to have jobs group by portal (Country). I hope it enough information.

Kind regards, Pawel

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay. We throw a 409 when a job is found but on a different portal than the one you are submitting to. I’ll dig into the issue on my side and see if there is any reason we’d be throwing that exception erroneously. When you moved the jobs to separate portals, did you make sure to update the endpoint you were sending applications to with the new portal id?

Hey, Thank you for your reply. Jobs weren’t moved, they were connected to multiple portals. At the moment job 411410 is connected to portal 5725 and 4685. I was only able to add a candidate to portal 4685 and 5725 returned with 409

I just put together a test application and I was able to submit it to both portals via the API without any issue:

POST https://api.catsone.nl/v3/portals/4685/jobs/411410
POST https://api.catsone.nl/v3/portals/5725/jobs/411410
		"id": 55934,
		"value": "UmVzdW1l",
		"filename": "resume.txt"
		"id": 55937,
		"value": "CATS"
		"id": 55940,
		"value": "Test"
		"id": 55943,
		"value": "support+test@catsone.com"
		"id": 55949,
		"value": "This is an API test, please ignore"

Can you confirm that you are not seeing that behavior when you submit that simple application to those two endpoints? We should be seeing the exact same responses.