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Link "Candidates" to "Companies" through the "Current Employer" tab to build a better directory (2)
New Portal - Global Recruiting Support by Allowing Field selections in new portal. (1)
Toolbar Add-on for Apple Safari Browser (1)
Use new job posts to identify any candidates in Catsone that fit the criteria and create a list to review (2)
Number of Attachments a Candidate has (1)
Templates Section (1)
Ability to set multiple "default" applications (1)
Temp Hirers - Timesheet through CATS? (6)
Automatically alert when candidate name matches existing candidate (9)
Continuity when adding Contacts with the chrome extension [Planned!] (2)
Searchable description field (1)
Calendar Suggestions (1)
Keyword Search Option/Filtered Options to New Portal (4)
Chrome Extension Color change if candidate is in CATS (3)
Better and more personalized link preview (3)
Hiding Candidates? (2)
Include Department in Job Order Search (6)
Manage task notification time (2)
Assign task to Recruiter or Job Owner (1)
Automatically calculate work experience (1)
Assign and Give Hiring Managers Read Only access to jobs (7)
Add to JO pipeline option when added to CATS from Indeed (1)
Reporting and Recruiter Metrics (4)
Reporting (1)
Add custom fields to AAP report (1)
Mass Editing the Branch field (1)
Allow tagging and adding to lists from the chrome extension (1)
CATS Extension - manually specify profile to update (1)
Meeting scheduler Subject line + call options (1)